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CIVL300 announcement

Published Date: Wednesday, 10 November 2021



In order to help relate theory to practice and supplement their industrial awareness training, students are required to attend to a Summer Practice. Students who have completed at least 73 credit hours and all subjects in the first four semesters are eligible to do Summer Practice. It is compulsory that students obtain necessary approvals from the Summer Practice Coordinator and receive an official letter from the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department prior to attending Summer Practice. Students can register CIVL300 course when they complete a total of 40 working days for Summer Practice.

Summer Practice can be arrranged to take place in Summer period (after the final exams of Spring Semester), provided that the student isn't attending the Summer School at the same time. Although it is not preferrable, Summer Practice can be completed in two parts (e.g. 20 working days in Summer period and 20 working days in Winter break). It is essential that at least half of Summer Practice is completed prior to the seventh academic term as it is one of the pre-requistes for registration to CIVL401 Introduction to Capstone Project (given in that academic term).

For the arrangement of the Summer Practice, at least two weeks prior to the start date, the following should be submitted to the Summer Practice Coordinator;

(1) Summer Practice Arrangement Form filled, signed and stamped by the Employer of the Student (Trainee).

(2) The Bank Receipt for the Student (Trainee) Compulsory Insurance, for proof of the full payment.

(3) Photocopy of the Passport, for proof of identitiy of the Student (Trainee).

During Summer Practice, students are expected to observe at least five construction activities, details of which are presented to the students by the Summer Practice Coordinator at the end of every semester. After completion of the whole or (for each) half of the Summer Practice, students should submit a Logbook summarising their day to day observations. The logbook(s) is(are) to be signed stamped and sealed in an envelope by the Employer for submission to the Summer Practice Coordinator at the beginning of the semester following the period of Summer Practice. Upon completion of a total of 40 working days a Summer Practice Report is to be submitted to the Summer Practice Coordinator. The evaluation of the Summer Practice is performed by a jury of at least two, formed from the Faculty Members, who will examine the written and oral presentation of the student.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Marar

Summer Practice Coordinator,

Civil Engineering Department,