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    Assisstant position announcement spring 18 19

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    04 February 2019

    Department of Civil Engineering

    Eastern Mediterranean University



    Research Assistantship Positions



    Civil Engineering Department is looking for research assistants who can assist courses (tutorials/laboratory experiments) and can perform administrative work for the Department.

    Research assistant candidates must be a registered MS. or Ph.D. student at Eastern Mediterranean University.

    The candidates who are capable to perform advance level of English and/or Turkish both in oral and written form will have the advantage in the process of selection.


    If you are interested to apply for this position, you should submit your application letter and your CV directly to the Secretary of the Civil Engineering Department earlier than 08 February 2019, 17:00 hrs.


    The candidates should be ready for any possible oral examination if it is required by the Faculty members. The date and time for the interview will be announced to the candidates later on.


    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhan ┼×ensoy


    Civil Engineering Department