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Civil Engineering Department

welcoming message by Chairman




On behalf of our faculty, staff and community of graduate students welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering at Eastern Mediterranean University, one of the top-rated departments in the region offering the following degrees: BS, MS and PhD in Civil Engineering. We have more than 30 years history of producing high quality graduates who make a real difference nationally and internationally. Our department is accredited by ABET in 2010.


There are well equipped and sophisticated extensive teaching and research laboratories including: construction materials, construction technology and management, hydraulics, geotechnique, structural mechanics and transportation. The Department also has a large computer laboratory. These facilities play a major role in the professional and practical development of our students.


Civil Engineering Department consists of 12 full time faculty members, 5 part time teaching staff, 18 research assistants, 5 personnel and over 1900 graduates. There are 1000 undergraduate and 125 graduate level students in the department. All of the faculty members have national and international reputations. We also provide consultancy services to local community and industry. In this way, Civil Engineering Department contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of the nation.




Prof.Dr Özgür Eren

Chair, Department of Civil Engineering